Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Volleyball ?

Club volleyball gives players the opportunity to play at a competitive level with training by coaches to increase their experience to prepare for high school and college teams. Participants play on a team alongside other players in their age division as they compete in local and national tournaments.

Is Club Volleyball for me ?

Playing in club volleyball is a commitment as the season can begin in December and extend through May. Players who sign up for club volleyball should  be passionate, committed and have a desire to improve their game.

Is it a Coed club / how many players are on a team ?

Currently we are accepting only girls, we have plans to include boys in the future.

Teams are made up of 8 - 12 players.

How often will the teams practice ?

Teams will practice for 2 hours twice per week.  

How many tournaments will there be ?

Teams will compete in 7-9 tournaments.

Are there any payment plans for the club fees ?

Once committed and deposit of $ 300.00 is paid within a week of tryouts. 

There are three options.

  1. Payment made in full receive a $ 50.00 discount.
  2. Three post dated checks for $ 350.00 each to be deposited in first week of each month beginning in January.
  3. Three installments for $ 350.00 each applied to the credit/debit card on file, on the first week of each month beginning in January  (please note a 2.75% processing fee will be applied to each installment payment)